Disgusting right?  GOOD.  You should be affronted.  We can no longer afford to be ignorant about GMOs.  Today’s lesson will focus more on photographs because in this instance seeing is believing.

What on Earth

If you’ve heard of GMOs but don’t put much effort into looking further into it, now is the time.  It isn’t for some people, it’s for EVERYONE.


GMO Foods

Are they really bad for us?  The top pics below show the stomachs of non-GMO fed pigs, the second one with mild inflammation.

The bottom two pics show the severity of two pig’s stomachs that were consistently filled with GM foods.

GMO Pig Stomach

Who is Monsanto?




Monsanto Corn

Monsanto would call this meme a scare tactic; something that liberals have created to make people think there is something wrong with food being genetically modified even though it’s perfectly healthy.


They would be lying:  (


This is the legit difference between GMO food and non-GMO food.  On the outside it looks like gorgeous super fruit.  On the inside, the DNA mash-up has created an entirely different organism:


GMOs aren’t just an American problem.  However …


..America doesn’t label our products as GMO.  Why?  Because millions and millions of dollars have been spent to KEEP us from labeling our products by these companies…


…which produce and sell most of the things you eat on a daily basis.  Why do you think they don’t want their foods labeled?


Luckily, we can look for THIS seal on foods honest companies take pride in displaying….


It’s not just snacks and junk food.  For instance, DNA from fish that live in cold water are spliced into a tomato seed so that tomatoes can withstand a frost…

Tomato syringes

Though that sounds genius, there is no telling the effects….

David Suzuki

It’s certainly not just tomatoes…


And what GMOs do to animals is even worse….

GMO food For Chicken

More than 70% of food in your supermarket is a Genetically Modified Organism.  And most of you wish that you knew which ones…


But since they are more powerful than us, the food industry is making it next to impossible.  They are even asking the FDA to label GMOs as “natural” so that labels can contain only that word though the product is as far from natural as one could get.  This is not only abhorrent but it should be illegal.  Only General Mills and Post (so far) will label their products as GMO or remove them entirely.  2 million other products will NOT be labeled.  The food industry claims that labeling will increase your food costs by up to $1600 a year for a family of four.  It’s just not true.  Companies have to re-label and change their packaging all of the time.  It would only be moving one label change up on the calendar- which should not raise any food prices at all.

Here’s a way to check your produce stickers for GMO fruits and veggies.

As long as they are truthfully labeled, you will always be able to tell:

CodesNature is the perfect imperfection of our planet.  It is the one place that we used to be able to go out and breathe in our surroundings and feel alive.  Now, without asking our opinions the people “in charge” of the food we eat have destroyed the innocence and beauty of our planet’s most prized possessions.


The only way that this will change is if we get up and do something about it.  United.  Small watch groups and eager celebrities alone will not fix this disaster.  Vote to label GMOs and stop buying them as much as you can.  Most importantly, pass the info along.