Laugh Out Loud


When is the last time that you actually laughed out loud before the acronym replaced the action? Notice how LOL was literal at first- as in you really did laugh out loud while reading that last hysterical text. Then you LOL so much that you knew it no longer held it’s meaning. Suddenly it’s lazy counterpart Lol or lol was getting strapped onto the end of every single sentence. So you started LMAO, even though you were clearly never really laughing your ass cheeks so hard that they slid down to the floor. What a mess that would be. LMAO now dictated that you were indeed LOL but just couldn’t say it with the proper acronym because you and your minions had watered it down.

Soon you added an F for super emphasis. Because this meant you thought something was really, really funny. So funny that your ass became your fucking ass. By this very time, nobody in real life (non-cellular) was LMFAO at all, because they were no longer seeing the people they were texting and therefore the personal delivery was lacking- and the humor solicited only a quick laugh out loud- or a QLOL, which is brand spanking new but will never catch on.

When you realized all hell-ol had broken loose, then you had to kick it up to the nth degree by ROFLMAO. A universal acronym was made for an action that has rarely ever occurred in real life, if at all. You clearly aren’t rolling on the floor because you are sitting slouched in your chair supposedly working and if you were rolling on the floor laughing your ass off your boss and co-workers would probably call the looney bin for the upper half of your body and the morgue for the lower half.

As a result of all this madness, things that are downright hysterical won’t earn more than 5 seconds of your jovial emotion. This now also translates to the few times you DO actually have funny conversations face to face and your barometer for what is funny has been raised to dastardly heights. What started as laziness in an AOL instant message over a decade ago has lead to the desensitization of America and the dehumorization (not a word lol) of our random quips.

Do you see how deep the hole has gone? For shame.


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